Dear Parents,

Step Up Day is September 4! Below you will find a list of our classes, please note that
we have combined age/grade related classrooms. This means that some students will
not be in a new classroom, and some will remain in the same room, this is because we
have combined classes. Review the list below to see if Step Up Day will result in your
child being in a new classroom.

For Parents of Nursery age children through Pre-Kindergarten, please read our
Developmental Guidance tips below, to see if your child is developmentally ready to
move to a new class. We ask that you do not automatically advance your child if they
are not ready quite ready developmentally, it might be best to wait a few weeks until
they are ready.

If you have any questions, please speak to Megan Barnett or Cheree Shenk. We will
also have extra helpers available tomorrow to help everyone get to the right place.

Combined Class List:

Nursery (birth through age 2)
Toddler Class (approximately ages 2-4)
Pre-K and Kindergarten are combined (approximately ages 4-6)

1st and 2nd grade are combined
3rd and 4th grade are combined
5th and 6th grade are combined

Dismissal from Classes:

  • Parents, please indicate your dismissal preferences with at the check-ins desk, especially
    if they move to a new classroom.
  • Children in the Toddlers and Nursery classes must remain in their classrooms for pick
    up. Parents can specify if an older sibling/family member can pick up their child.
  • In Pre-K classes through 6th grade classes, parents may specify whether an older sibling
    or family member may provide pick up, or if the child may self-dismiss at the end of


Is my child ready for Toddler class? (approximately ages 2-4)

While we still have lots of free play in this class, we also introduce elements of teaching
that is appropriate for developmental instruction so that they can learn new skills.
Children will be learning to follow instructions for directed activities, such as to sit on
carpet spots or around the children’s table, for brief periods of time (3-5 minutes without
running off) for a story, craft or coloring activity, song or prayer time. There is also free
play part of this class. As we do not have diaper changing stations in this classroom,
should your child need a diaper change, a volunteer Hall Monitor will call you should this
be needed.

Is my child ready for Pre K – K class? (approximately ages 4-6)

Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten is a structured classroom setting. Children in this
class have a full teacher led lesson, with no free play. Children should be able to follow
verbal instructions, sit on a carpet spot or at the table, and follow along with teacher led
activities. If they are not quite developmentally ready, please keep them in the Toddler
class a bit longer, where free play is part of the activity time. You can step them up to
Pre K at any time throughout the year when they are ready.