our values

1. Knowing God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ and living by His Word is the foundation of life.

2. It is essential for every believer to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and be completely dependent on Him.

3. The Great Commission will be completed through prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

4. We deeply value the Biblical covenant of marriage and the importance of training our children to know Christ.

5. We are committed to spiritual families, spiritual parenting and intergenerational connections.

6. Spiritual multiplication and reproduction must extend to every sphere of kingdom life and ministry.

7. Relationships are essential in building God’s kingdom.

8. Every Christian is both a priest and a minister.

9. A servant’s heart is necessary for every leader to empower others.

10. Biblical prosperity, generosity and integrity are essential to kingdom expansion.

11. The gospel compels us to send missionaries to the unreached and help those least able to meet their own needs.

12. We are called to build the kingdom together with the entire body of Christ.

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