About Us

Sunday Services 9:30 a.m.

Our street address:  656 West Newport Road, Elm, PA 17521

Newport Church is a vibrant, contemporary, family oriented church near Manheim and Lititz Pennsylvania. We love God, each other and our community. We believe each person is created to have a growing relationship with God and with other people, and we aim to make Newport Church a place where one can connect with God and our community. We have great children's ministry and youth ministry! Newport Church is a non-denominational spirit filled church, and a part of the apostolic network of churches, DOVE International, based in Lititz, PA.

Sunday Service 9:30 a.m.

Sunday service at Newport is simple and nontraditional, typically consisting of worship music—in which everyone is invited to participate—as well as prayer, Scripture reading, giving, and sermon teachings.


Newport Church began as a small group in the town of Manheim, PA. In 1992, the small group formed a church called DOVE Christian Fellowship Manheim under the leadership of pastors Carl and Doris Good. In 2000, the church moved to the village of Elm on Newport Road, and changed its name to Newport Church soon thereafter.  We are located at 656 West Newport Road, Elm, PA 17521.