small groups

Relationships are what Small Groups at Newport are all about: relationship with God and relationships with a small group of people. We believe God calls us to know him in relationship and to live everyday life in relationship with others.

The vision, character, and flavor of each Small Group is unique; we have a wide variety of Small Groups. Some meet on weekdays and some on weekends. Some meet in the day and some in the evening. Feel free to visit one or two or more groups as you decide where to connect.

Our Small groups

  • Cyber 2.0

    When: Once a month

    Where: Manheim/Lititz homes

    What: We focus on building relationships and praying together. We also communicate through social media to offer encouragement and prayer support.

    Contact: Kirk and Loretta Radanovic, (717) 371-7144

  • Junior High

    When: Every other Wednesday at 7:00pm

    Where: Newport Church building

    What: We enjoy fellowship, Bible study, food, and fun activities.

    Contact: Shane & Sierra Good, (717) 917-0912, (717) 719-1066

  • Salt Life

    When: 2nd & 4th Fridays at 7:00pm

    Where: Newport Church building lobby

    What: Join us for fun, food, prayer, and study. We aspire to make life flavorful with the love of Christ.

    Contact: Mike and Janeen Blose, (717) 342-3295

  • Second Mile

    When: Every other Wednesday evening

    Where: Manheim/Lititz

    What: We aim to affect people through our love and service.

    Contact: Justus and Maggie Edgell, (717) 875-8120

  • IMPACT: Senior High Youth Group

    When: Wednesdays at 7:00pm

    Where: Newport Church building

    What: We enjoy studying the Bible, food, and fun activities.

    Contact: Shawn & Andrea Sauder, (717) 471-2735, (717) 419-9548

  • Simply Serving

    When: TBD

    Where: TBD

    What: We seek to meet the needs of the group and others outside our doors at retirement communities, prisons, teen centers, etc.

    Contact: Rick and Sharon Sauder, (717) 341-8645

  • The Journey

    When: 3rd Sunday of each month following church service

    Where: Newport Church building

    What: We meet the 3rd Sunday of each month here at Newport Church building after the morning service and contribute food for a shared lunch for a time of sharing, fellowship, support and prayer to refuel and equip for life’s journey.

    Contact: Carl and Karen Mentzer, (717) 615-4512

  • Enter His Gates

    When: Every 2nd and 4th Monday evening at Newport Church

    What: A group focused on coming together outside of Sunday Celebration to bless the Lord through worship & prayer. 

    Contact: Rob & Karen Kurtz (717) 808-7589, Joe & Julia Witmer (717) 847-2658
  • Creative Crafting

    When: The second and fourth Saturdays of the month

    Where:  Gail Edgell’s home.

    What: We will answer the question, "How do we see God and His beauty in and through our art"? For ladies age 18 and older. 

    Contact: Connie Querry (717) 367-7551

  • Community Group

    When: Once a month

    Where: Newport Church

    What: We meet once a month on a Sunday after church and contribute to a meal. We share life, relationship, and food around a bible study and woship times. 

    Contact: Merle Shenk (717) 405-0312

  • Brave Love

    When: Every other Thursday at 7:00pm

    Where: At Newport Church

    WhatThis small group for young adult women will focus on the call to empower and encourage through intentional community.

    Contact: Megan Groff (717) 875-6974

  • Deliberate Diners

    When: 1st and 3rd Sundays

    Where: Alternating between dining out and a potluck-style meal.

    What: Our goal while dining  together is to give generously and prophetically encourage  our servers and others. 

    Contact: Danielle Kreider (717) 475-7417

  • Relationship Resolve

    Where: Greens' residence: 1565 Stony Battery Rd, Lancaster, Pa 17601

    What: Leading individuals to a greater understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus, that we all have a purpose and a place in the kingdom of God.  Matthew 6:33  Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Contact: Ernest Green (717) 224-8996